Hed PE Vocalist Gives Update On Band’s New Album

Hed PE vocalist Jahred Gomez has posted an update regarding the band’s upcoming new album. You can check out what he posted on the band’s official Facebook page below.

the problem is i know this post wont reach all the eyes its supposed to. But just to say thank you to the American hedpe family that came out for the last and only tour of 2018.

your support is amazing.

we havent had any support from any industry entities for some years. so i’m amazed, blessed and excited each time i’m invited for one more rock show, in one more town.

we have made a deal to put our a new record. i’m finishing up the vocals right now. i’m just fucking stoked to be able to write songs and support my family through that process.

all underground. all word of mouth. all DIY.

i wish you all the same sort of fulfillment and blessings you’ve provided me.

and now on to my extended family overseas…the same goes for yous!@#$

see yall in a few weeks.


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