Absence of Despair Drop Guitar Playthrough For “Bite My Tongue”

Providence, Rhode Island metal band Absence of Despair have dropped a guitar playthrough for their song “Bite My Tongue” recently. You can watch that playthrough below. The song is the first single off the band’s upcoming new album Desolate which is due out on September 13th.

Guitarist Dillon DiSimone commented:

This jam creeps up on you. The moment full band joins in on ‘Bite My Tongue,’ strap yourself in to a rollercoaster that’s on fire. By the first note of the verse, the guitars are zooming along, relating to the lyrical sense of madness. Every note is ringing out for the first portion of the verse to give it that hectic and chaotic atmosphere. Halfway through that verse, you hear the guitars tighten up with an altered palm muted version of the lick. The pre-chorus rhythm guitar introduces rouge waves of intensity with bursts of triplets, accompanied by an uplifting guitar lead at 0:44. Guitars abruptly stop, all to set up the first chorus to absolutely slap when it comes in. Seasoned throughout that bouncy chorus riff are key bends, pinches and dissonant chugs keeping the energy up. We introduce the breakdown with just one guitar, building it up to eventually have the whole band hammering down on that same riff, representing the realization and sudden urgency to not bite your tongue a second longer.


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