Unearth Guitarist Ken Susi To Miss Immediate Dates, Darkest Hour’s Mike Schleibaum To Fill In

New England metalcore band Unearth has announced that guitarist Ken Susi will be missing the first four dates of their upcoming fall tour. Filling in for him will be Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum who has previously filled in for the band during their run with the latter. You can check out what the band posted on their social media regarding this announcement.

Our good friend Mike Schleibaum @theriffdojo will once again be lending a helping hand and filling in for @kensusi on the first four dates of our upcoming tour with @thesoulflytribe . Ken will join the tour at Full Terror Assault in Cave In Rock, Illinois.

Mike previously filled in for a couple gigs this past February during our co-headlining run with his band, Darkest Hour, in Canada. Schleibaum is a pro, a friend and we look forward to hitting the stage with him again.

See you out there real soon.


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