Ill Nino Guitarist Ahrue Luster To Join Nonpoint On Upcoming Tour

Nonpoint have announced that Ill Nino guitarist Ahrue Luster will be joining them for their upcoming tour. Luster will be filling in on guitars after the band lost BC Kochmit. You can check out the statement the band posted regarding this announcement below.

Nonpoint Nation I want to formally introduce you to our friend and the talented soul that will be joining us for our upcoming tour Mr. @ahrue Luster. You may recognize him formally from Machine Head, currently with Ill Niño. Ahrue from the entire band THANK YOU for lending us your talents. We are asking a monumental task of you and you are answering the call with grace and vigor. Time may be against us, but your ability gives us confidence that our fans will not only enjoy seeing you perform but feeling the effort and work you’re putting in so we can do this tour. So Nation show the love in the comments and don’t forget to join us and our man Ahrue on ❌The Red Tape Tour❌ along with @hyrothehero @madamemayhem and @zerotheoremband 📸 by Fred Moocher


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