INTERVIEW: Beneath The Hollow

Beneath The Hollow is a metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band released their new song “Spellbound” recently. We were able to have guitarist Jesse DeGroot sit down and answer a few questions for us. You can check it out below.

Total Mayhem: First and foremost, how did the band form?

Jesse DeGroot: the band was formed by my brother Matt DeGroot (Drums) and I back in 03. I was 13 he was 10. So we basically grew up playing in this. It’s gone through a great deal of change since inception but we finally feel like we have gotten to the point where we can realize our vision.

TM: How did you guys come up with the name and what is its significance to the band’s sound?

Jesse: The name “Beneath the Hollow” was just something we came up with as angry youngsters. I remember (vaguely) it being stemmed from the point of view the vast majority of society bow and follow all these entities void of any real substance. Be in religion, political figures, reality stars, excess culture. And all the people on the outside of the norm that had different values, or didn’t need those things were looked at like they were less than or strange.

TM: The metal scene is so saturated with so many bands coming out left and right, how do you think your brand of metal is different than the other metal bands out there?

Jesse: I think we are a little bit different just because our influence ranges so drastically. Matt and I grew up on everything from Pantera and slipknot to Zepplin and Montrose. And with Tyler and Jewell joining the band over the last few years we have really grown into a giant melting pot of heavy music.

TM: Does being from Chicago and the atmosphere of that city influenced your music? If so, how?

Jesse: no I don’t think so.

TM: You recently released your new song “Spellbound”, walk us into how the song came about and what message are you guys trying to convey with it?

Jesse: Sure, “Spellbound” was demoed musically just put some basic ideas I had. I presented that to Matt (Drums) and Tyler (Bass) and it grew from there. That was actually the very first song Jewell (vocals) did with us. He came in, jammed a few songs with us and we recorded the vocals same night.

TM: Speaking of songwriting, what is the band’s structure when it comes to crafting songs? Who comes up with what part first and how do you resolve creative differences when it comes to the direction of the song?

Jesse: it usually starts with a demo of something I put together musically. I’ll put a skeleton of a song together and work through it with Matt and Tyler. Once we’re happy with it we give it to Jewell and he does his thing lyrically and vocally.  There’s really not to much creative friction. We are all open to trying any ideas and every possible avenue a song may have to offer.

TM: Finally, what can the fans expect from you guys for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

Jesse: We will certainly be releasing 1-2 more singles with a full EP for target release of late 2019 or very early 2020.

You can check out the band on their social media:




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