Sepultura Unleash Music Video For “Isolation”

Sepultura has unleashed their new music video recently. You can watch the video for their song “Isolation” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album Quadra which is due out on February 7th via Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Andreas Kisser commented:

The video was created by using the footage of the performance we did at the ‘Rock in Rio‘ festival last October. It was the world premiere of the song ‘Isolation‘ which is a straight forward trash track with an epic intro. Also we presented the new cover and the name of the album ‘Quadra‘ to an amazing crowd of 100.000 people, a magical and historical moment in our career. I’m so glad we had filmed the performance and now we are ready to show the world. The ‘Quadra‘ cycle begins!

Frontman Derrick Green added:

‘Isolation‘ is a song that was written about the U.S. prison system. The inhuman practice of solitary confinement changes the mental stability of prisoners.
They are not being rehabilitated but are transformed to become worst. Once they are released back into society we all pay the price for what has been done to them.

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