Windrunner Reveal Music Video For “Heather”

Windrunner has revealed their new music video recently. You can watch the official video for their song “Heather” below. The video features new members with vocalist Nân and bassist Chuoi joining the fold.

Chuoi commented on joining the band:

The boys and girl in Windrunner and I have been great mates for a good decade, both in life and in music. They have always been the band I really admire in the scene for their industriousness, coolness, and musicality. It’s my real honour to be called in as their bassist, gonna be a fun path together.

Meanwhile, Nân commented on the song:

Heather is about being let down by the closest people/things when you feel like you need them the most. I was dealing with some difficult situations and things just kind of failed on me and the song portrays these frustrations and bottled up feelings. However, there was an important realization that it’s on me and I’m the one responsible for everything in my life, so it’s ok to experience all these emotions but in the end you have to learn from it and move on.

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