Shvpes Release Acoustic EP

Shvpes have released their acoustic EP recently. The EP consisted of acoustic versions of their songs “Undertones“, “Renegades” and “Afterlife“ which are from their latest album Greater Than. You can give that EP a listen below.

Vocalist Griffin Dickinson commented:

Whilst out on our first American tour earlier this year, we found a lot of radio station/ media outlets were asking us to come and do some acoustic sessions. Naturally, we’d never contemplated the idea, considering the sound & atmosphere of our live shows is the antithesis of a chilled, acoustic performance.

Nonetheless we decided to give it a go. We sent out a message on social media to see if any fans had a battered/ unused acoustic guitar they didn’t mind lending to the cause. Thankfully a very kind lady in Chicago did just that. Youssef & Ryan set about transcribing a few select SHVPES songs, taking a more flamenco inspired approach. Approximately 24 hours before our first scheduled acoustic performance, the SHVPES team assembled in a toilet somewhere in Tennessee & ran through the set a few times, ironing out any creases. The following day, we (unknowingly) broadcast it to 25,000 people. Thankfully, upon review, it sounded a lot better than expected.

We were all so pleased with the result & saw a lot of opportunities for further improvements/ inflections within the music. We continued doing these acoustic performances as and when they came, each time adding some new degree of flare to the songs. By the end we’d completely reinvented the feel of them, to the point we felt we (and as the listeners had pointed out) should be recording these so and giving them the attention they deserve.

So around the time we were recording One Man Army, we did just that. This time taking an even more outrageous approach, to truly transform these songs and squeeze as much of our outside influences into these songs.

Here is ‘Undertones‘, ‘Renegades‘ & ‘Afterlife‘, reimagined.

Pressure Cracks Finish Work On New Album

Pressure Cracks have announced that they have finished working on their new album. The band had posted the following on their Facebook regarding this announcement below.

We are excited to announce that we have handed our new music off to Jeff Dunne for Mixing and Mastering. Jeff is a Mixer and Engineer out of Redlands, California. He has worked alongside producer Drew Fulk for the last 5 years to craft unique and distinctly crushing tones for bands like Chelsea Grin, Fit For A King, Crystal Lake, Emmure, Wage War, and Make Them Suffer.

Jeff Dunne commented on this collaboration:

I was initially introduced to Pressure Cracks after becoming friends with guitarist Dan Bieranowski; we have run in similar circles for years, but never actually met until mid-2018. He showed me the then-recently-released EP and some of the early demos he had been working on, and it just hit me like a freight train. All of the energy, urgency, and aggression that you’d expect from of a good Southern California hardcore band, but with a rare sense of passion and nuance that makes for an incredibly impactful one-two punch. When the guys asked me to mix their new release, it was a no-brainer. I couldn’t be more excited to work on this material, and everyone has been incredibly warm and professional throughout the entire process.

Volbeat Unveil Music Video For “Die To Live” Ft. Neil Fallon of Clutch

Volbeat has unveiled their new music video recently. You can watch the official video for their song “Die To Live” featuring Neil Fallon of Clutch below. The song is from Volbeat’s latest effort Rewind, Replay, Rebound.

Fallon commented on the music video:

A couple of months ago, I flew up to Boston to meet up with Volbeat to film the video for their new single, ‘Die To Live‘. It was a breeze to make, maybe four hours. It’s a catchy straight-ahead rocker of a song and I am flattered to have been asked to participate.

Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen added:

We were thrilled to be able to get Neil, Raynier and Doug together with us in the same room to shoot this video, and we’re really proud of how it came out. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it!