Nothing More Release Acoustic Version of “Fade In / Fade Out”

Nothing More has released an acoustic performance of their song “Fade In / Fade Out” recently. You can watch that video below. The footage was shot during the band’s acoustic session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

Guitarist Mark Vollelunga commented:

Earlier this year I approached the guys about doing an acoustic version of ‘Fade In / Fade Out‘. I wanted to really lean into the timeless nature of the song and the historic, legendary Abbey Road Studios seemed like the ideal place for a new rendition.

We were in the same room that Pink Floyd did ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘. As soon as we entered the studio we all felt the presence of greatness in that place. And like The Beatles said ‘Love is old, Love is new. Love is all, Love is you.’ The vibe there is strong.

Mushroomhead Eyeing Spring 2020 Release For New Album, Talk About Recording At Abbey Road Studios

In an interview with Rock Skins, Mushroomhead drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton have revealed that the band is targeting for a Spring 2020 release of their upcoming new album via their new label Napalm Records. The band have held a few sessions at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios while on tour in London, England this past month.

Skinny commented on the experience of working at the famous studio:

We got off the plane and got dropped off at Abbey Road, did a vocal session, then went and did our first show. That’s actually our 2nd time at Abbey Road, we did a vocal session there a year and a half ago and some of that got kept for this new record. Actually Jackie is on 4 of the new songs and 2 of the 4 were recorded at Abbey. It’s pretty cool just be there, just sitting in the rooms where Dark Side of the Moon was done, where they do all the orchestras, all the soundtrack recordings, it’s crazy when you walk down the halls and see all the posters for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones… So many, you just don’t even think of, it’s pretty crazy but awesome.

He also mentioned that the record is about 80% done and the band is currently looking into a person to mix the album. He further added:

We’ll finish writing and recording, get to mixing… we’ve got a 4-5 week run in the States from October then we’ll get back to the album and making a video, which is another highlight. I love making video work it’s a lot of fun.

To read the whole interview where he spoke about the band’s ever changing masks, covering British artists’ songs and overhearing people talk shit about them without getting noticed, you can check it out here.